• Balance in the Fire Life-Is it Possible?

    I was blessed to have to the opportunity to share the message “Balance in the Fire Family Life-Is it Possible?” a webinar offered to the state of Indiana Fire Service. I have attached the PDF that was shared during the presentation. If you would like to have this presentation given at your event, or your department, and/or broadcast live online. Please contact me: Andy J. Starnes Bringing Back Brotherhood Ministries   Balance In the Fire Family Life2

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  • Beauty out of the Ashes:

    Beauty out of the Ashes:

    Not too long ago, I had fallen victim to the poison of bitterness and even considered leaving the fire department. I would often ask “Does my service even matter anymore?” I heard a man speak by the name of Rick Lasky on Pride and Ownership. It was as if God told him to speak directly to me. I felt renewed and energized, but sadly I fell down again. It was not until one day in church when I cried out […]

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  • The Firefighter Rescue Plan: How to call for help?

    The Firefighter Rescue Plan: How to call for help?

    The Firefighter Rescue Plan: How to call for help? Let us consider each part of this scenario as one who has become lost in the ‘fires of life’: A sudden and unexpected calamity occurs in our life and we rush in to prevent any further harm without thought of a back-up plan.  Then the situation takes a turn for the worse and the world “collapses” around us. In this moment, we feel “pinned down” by the weight of this problem.  […]

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  • Available? The value of Divine Appointments:

    Available? The value of Divine Appointments:

    Have you ever been interrupted? Have you ever thought “I just don’t have time for this right now?” Has someone called, showed up, or caused a change in your schedule because of their urgent need? As firefighters, we stop what we are doing to answer the call of “an unscheduled appointment.” Yet when our loved ones interrupt us we seem to forget that we are still servants to our fellow man: on and off duty. Consider this: Most of the […]

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  • Firefighter Burn-out: The Decay Phase

    Firefighter Burn-out: The Decay Phase

    “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31 As we travel along the path of life, we can become weary from our journey. Our fiery passion that we all began with is often snuffed out by the negativity, conflicts, tribulations, and the diminishing number of passionate firefighters around us. What then can we do to reignite the fire within ourselves? A fire that has entered the decay phase has consumed all of the available oxygen […]

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  • Holding the Line: Who’s your true back-up?

    Holding the Line: Who’s your true back-up?

    As Firefighters we understand the value of team work. We are taught from the very beginning that the success of our efforts is based upon how well we work together. One of the areas that this is most evident is during hose-line advancement.   The end result of the nozzle man’s work of extinguishment is directly correlated to how well the back-up firefighter works with them. In short, without the back-up firefighter working in unison, anticipating the next move, pulling the […]

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Recent Blogs

  • The Keynote Speech of Our Life

    The Keynote Speech of Our Life

    I recently had the blessing of listening to mentor and friend offer a keynote speech. Those of us in the fire service have probably heard many of these motivating speeches given by passionate fire service leaders but this one impacted me quite differently. What was the difference in this one versus all of the other powerful, motivating, and encouraging speeches I had heard before? The difference was this: Relationship! Let me explain, I witnessed my friend over the course of […]

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  • What Make’s Someone A Great Leader?

    What Make’s Someone A Great Leader?

    What makes someone a great leader? In leadership, we see examples (good and bad) of those who hold positions of great influence. If we were to break down the leaders we admire; what is it about them that makes us want to follow their example? Here are my thoughts on those traits that define a significant leader: #1) A solid moral foundation: It all begins with Integrity. I believe that to be a successful and significant Leader that our motivations […]

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  • An Unwelcome Family Reunion

    An Unwelcome Family Reunion

    A gathering is occurring; one that many of us have had quite often… It is one of sadness, yet we sit quietly, silently objecting their intruding presence… Alone we sit at this table, yet we are not truly alone… One by one, members of this family begin to return home… We tearfully object to their presence yet still they come… One by one, they arrive closing in around this singular family… None of which are related but all have been […]

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  • There has to be more to life than this-And there is!

    There has to be more to life than this-And there is!

    While reading the story of the prodigal son to our daughter I had to pause for a moment as I felt God speak to my heart. The story tells us the younger of two sons who tires of the harsh labor of farm life and goes to his father asking for his share of the inheritance now. The father is sad, yet grants his son’s request.  The son goes and spends all that he has on wild living and is […]

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  • The T-Shirt Firefighter & the Bumper Sticker Christian

    The T-Shirt Firefighter & the Bumper Sticker Christian

     The T-Shirt Firefighter and the Bumper Sticker Christian It is not uncommon to see a person wearing a T-shirt that indicates they are a firefighter. In many instances, the words or pictures on these T-shirts are not pleasant and are often proclaiming actions this individual isn’t living out. This often angers firefighters who take the craft of firefighting seriously. But what about our faith? Do we take it as seriously as our place in life as firefighters? What about those […]

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  • Raising Our Children Well

    Raising Our Children Well

    Raising Our Children Well: The greatest lesson I have received in accountability and responsibility has been through the blessing of parenthood. God has shown me so much and continues to do so even through the eyes of a child. I have received my daily devotion while reading my daughter a children’s bible story. I have felt the weight of my own sin when my daughter has looked upon me when I have done wrong. I have realized that God is […]

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  • The Unappreciated

    The Unappreciated

    There comes a time in everyone’s life where all their efforts seem to be failing… There comes a time when nothing seems to work out despite our valiant efforts… There comes a time when disaster strikes those closest to us that do well, while the wicked live on and prosper… There comes a time when leaders will abuse their authority, slander & lie, promote mediocrity, and allow certain individuals who “fall in line” to break the rules while they discipline […]

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  • The Forgotten Ones

    The Forgotten Ones

    It is a commonly known fact that those that care for others the most often receive the least care or concern in return…   It is commonly known that those who give the most of themselves, who bear their souls, and lift up others in prayer often suffer in silence with their own struggles of sin and pain…   To those who call out from the depths of despair… When you have walked through the darkness of your circumstance… Take […]

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  • Not So Rapid Intervention 

    Not So Rapid Intervention 

    As firefighters, we understand that no other words on the radio bring more intensity and emotion than these: “May Day, May Day…” Yet, we also know that the rescue of our own is often the most difficult and least successful in some instances due to the obstacles we face in order to rescue them. We understand it takes numerous firefighters to rescue one and the effort is not as the acronym implies as “Rapid.” But what about when we see […]

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  • Opposition or Opportunity

    Opposition or Opportunity

    Opposition or Opportunity: “A clue to life’s meanings are hidden in life’s relationships.” Ravi Zacharias In this life, it is truly a blessing to have friends and family who support, love, and counsel each other out of Christ’s love. But what about when we interact with others who are harsh, obstinate, and speak hateful words to others? We tend to react with anger and want to be harsh with them also. Have we considered that we, in our past, we’re […]

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